Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday, I'm in love: Interiors

Today, I was inspired by a gorgeous blog post by Bekah, over at my little loves.. The post was(is) entitled inspirations for our future home... and featured tons of b-e-a-utiful pictures of cozy, eclectic bohemian interiors.

So I decided to do a little photo hunting of my own, and do some "future house" dreaming!

Admittedly, I've seen blog posts before featuring this type of photo spread, a la tumblr, etc, but I just adore this lovely lady's style so much ((gush)) that it really got me excited about hunting for beautiful photographs and doing a similar blog post of my own!

So here goes! I found a whole bunch of gorgeous exteriors that I love as well, but I think this is more than enough pictures for one post ;) hahaha

Enjoy <3

(all of these pics were either sourced from Moon to Moon, pictures that were previously stored on my computer, and one from the blog that inspired it all! haha)
 love the open layout 
 i've always wanted a wall of books <3 
 multicolour pillows 
 books <3 and i love the light
 adorable rustic kitchen 
 my little loves lift ;) 
 love this moroccan kitchen!!
 adorable loft bed with curtains <3
 skylights in the bedroom? AMAZING. 
 love this hippie couple :) and the house, of course! wood <3
 Is this clay? I *love* this style of structure
 just imagine snuggling up and reading a book by this woodstove... mmmmm 
 perfect bathroom 
 always dreaming of my warm, natural [future] kitchen <3 
 love this nook 
 okay, i officially need a house like this... whatever it's made of. lol
they remind me of hobbit holes! :) i especially love the rocks embedded in the steps. 
the outdoorsy family's living room :) 

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed discovering them! My work day should go by pleasantly quick with all these lovely daydreams of home ownership swirling through my head, hahaha <3 

Peace! :) 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I hate my granny's bean salad. There. I said it.

...I'm going to hell.