Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So uhhhhhh....

disregard that entire last post.

Raw food challenge lasted exactly one day.

but it WILL commence sometime in the near future! I've said about 43,984 times.


Monday, April 4, 2011

RAW (and late)

So I started my 30 day raw food challenge today! :)

I had intended to start on the 1st, but there were a few engagements this past week that I could have, but really didn't want to miss out on (including a full-on Portuguese feast at Dan's grandma's house). So I didn't! Hahaha I pigged out and enjoyed, confident in the fact that I would indeed be starting today. So far it's just been the easy part: work. I'm rarely hungry at work. I'll have a piece of fruit, maybe some nuts or (normally) bread and almond butter... so today I've had 2 bananas and a bartlett pear (all organic), and I'm predictably still going strong!

We'll see how I fare tonight ;) Dan and I are heading over to our friend Cory's house for a hangout. Luckily I brought all kinds of raw goodies with me in preparation, so I should be fine.

I also completely forgot that Dan and I made a dinner date at East Side Mario's (a chain italian restaurant) for wednesday, which I have no intention of bailing on, so I'll just try to keep it as raw as I can. I'm not being too hard on or strict with myself. I can't. Hard + Strict is always a recipe for failure with me. Maybe I'm undisciplined. Maybe I'm a slave to temptation. Maybe both. Either way, I generally do a lot better when I give myself some flexibility and don't beat myself up, and this challenge isn't about being a badass, or the "no pain, no gain" philosophy. I'm doing this for my health, my physical and emotional well-being, and if you can't take a gentle, loving approach to that, you might as well not bother. Unless you're the type of person who thrives on that, which is great! It's just not my style. Or maybe it is and the reason I've always failed is BECAUSE of my gentle, loving approach... hmmm...

...So, day 1 is well under way!

Hopefully I will remember to continue updating the ol' blog as the weeks roll on. Maybe I'll even make a video or two (or remake the ones I deleted because I hated the fake way my voice was sounding, haha!)

Wish me luck! :D