Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cold & Cozy

Scribbled in a small notebook Dec 28/11 at MacGregor Point Provincial Park... 

I rise from the table and slither under 2 layers of sleeping bag & blankets on the bottom bunk of our temporary bed. A few feet away, I watch as Dan sharpens his prized new Buck knife - one that I sincerely hope he'll never use for its intended purpose (lol). A small fire crackles outside the yurt, that Dan built while I prepared a late lunch: Canned Organic lentil & vegetable soup and fried egg sandwiches with tomato, lettuce & dijon mustard.

Winter camping has become a new tradition of ours. This time, we departed the day after Christmas, barely having thought of our upcoming trip - caught up in busy holiday preparations - since we booked the yurt over a month ago. We knew where we wanted to spend our post-Christmas week - not swimming through droves of Boxing Day bargain-hunters, but ankle-deep in fresh snow, nestled warmly by the fire, amongst the trees and the chipmunks and the sweet silence of Canadian winter (which had barely touched our Central Ontario homes by the time we left!)

MacGregor Point on Lake Huron seemed a much more fitting place to spend our week off of work. Even here it didn't really start snowing until last night, offering a very welcome morning surprise of deep snow and long, freshly-formed icicles after a day of near-constant rainfall. Nature works such wonders even when we're not looking (maybe especially when we're not looking). :)

Now, to go enjoy the last of the daylight by the fire <3 Happy Winter!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

i hate holding hands.

always have.

it's uncomfortable and my hands sweat.

it also hurts my finger bones and restricts my hand/arm/finger freedom, which is torture for a compulsive finger-fiddler and clothing-adjuster such as myself.

the only real purpose for hand-holding that I've seen is that it keeps me from accidentally turbo-walking 20 paces in front of Dan. because I am a very fast walker, while he is of the more relaxed (re: infuriatingly slow) variety of walker. and even then my hands get sweaty after 30 seconds and I proceed to leave him in my turbo-walking dust.

I honestly think only people in new relationships hold hands. It's like a validation thing. a statement: "I'm with this person and wish to be touching them at all times". which is great and all. but after a while you just say to each other (or at least I do): "hey, can we please abandon this ridiculous practice now? i love you, you love me. we needn't be connected uncomfortably by the hands right now. i'm sweaty."

it's a beautiful milestone in a relationship, I think, when you're comfortable keeping your hands to yourself (at least when it comes to holding =P)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So uhhhhhh....

disregard that entire last post.

Raw food challenge lasted exactly one day.

but it WILL commence sometime in the near future!

...as I've said about 43,984 times.


Monday, April 4, 2011

RAW (and late)

So I started my 30 day raw food challenge today! :)

I had intended to start on the 1st, but there were a few engagements this past week that I could have, but really didn't want to miss out on (including a full-on Portuguese feast at Dan's grandma's house). So I didn't! Hahaha I pigged out and enjoyed, confident in the fact that I would indeed be starting today. So far it's just been the easy part: work. I'm rarely hungry at work. I'll have a piece of fruit, maybe some nuts or (normally) bread and almond butter... so today I've had 2 bananas and a bartlett pear (all organic), and I'm predictably still going strong!

We'll see how I fare tonight ;) Dan and I are heading over to our friend Cory's house for a hangout. Luckily I brought all kinds of raw goodies with me in preparation, so I should be fine.

I also completely forgot that Dan and I made a dinner date at East Side Mario's (a chain italian restaurant) for wednesday, which I have no intention of bailing on, so I'll just try to keep it as raw as I can. I'm not being too hard on or strict with myself. I can't. Hard + Strict is always a recipe for failure with me. Maybe I'm undisciplined. Maybe I'm a slave to temptation. Maybe both. Either way, I generally do a lot better when I give myself some flexibility and don't beat myself up, and this challenge isn't about being a badass, or the "no pain, no gain" philosophy. I'm doing this for my health, my physical and emotional well-being, and if you can't take a gentle, loving approach to that, you might as well not bother. Unless you're the type of person who thrives on that, which is great! It's just not my style. Or maybe it is and the reason I've always failed is BECAUSE of my gentle, loving approach... hmmm...

...So, day 1 is well under way!

Hopefully I will remember to continue updating the ol' blog as the weeks roll on. Maybe I'll even make a video or two (or remake the ones I deleted because I hated the fake way my voice was sounding, haha!)

Wish me luck! :D


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday, I'm in love: Interiors

Today, I was inspired by a gorgeous blog post by Bekah, over at my little loves.. The post was(is) entitled inspirations for our future home... and featured tons of b-e-a-utiful pictures of cozy, eclectic bohemian interiors.

So I decided to do a little photo hunting of my own, and do some "future house" dreaming!

Admittedly, I've seen blog posts before featuring this type of photo spread, a la tumblr, etc, but I just adore this lovely lady's style so much ((gush)) that it really got me excited about hunting for beautiful photographs and doing a similar blog post of my own!

So here goes! I found a whole bunch of gorgeous exteriors that I love as well, but I think this is more than enough pictures for one post ;) hahaha

Enjoy <3

(all of these pics were either sourced from Moon to Moon, pictures that were previously stored on my computer, and one from the blog that inspired it all! haha)
 love the open layout 
 i've always wanted a wall of books <3 
 multicolour pillows 
 books <3 and i love the light
 adorable rustic kitchen 
 my little loves lift ;) 
 love this moroccan kitchen!!
 adorable loft bed with curtains <3
 skylights in the bedroom? AMAZING. 
 love this hippie couple :) and the house, of course! wood <3
 Is this clay? I *love* this style of structure
 just imagine snuggling up and reading a book by this woodstove... mmmmm 
 perfect bathroom 
 always dreaming of my warm, natural [future] kitchen <3 
 love this nook 
 okay, i officially need a house like this... whatever it's made of. lol
they remind me of hobbit holes! :) i especially love the rocks embedded in the steps. 
the outdoorsy family's living room :) 

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed discovering them! My work day should go by pleasantly quick with all these lovely daydreams of home ownership swirling through my head, hahaha <3 

Peace! :) 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I hate my granny's bean salad. There. I said it.

...I'm going to hell.

Monday, February 28, 2011

50 Things Challenge: An update.

I'll keep this post short (for once) and minimalistic ;)

Progress that I have made with the [give away] 50 Things Challenge so far:

1. Allocated 1 large box for my donations, which currently resides in my bedroom.
2. Chosen approoooximately 16 things to donate so far (well on my way!)
3. Already went to Value Village (popular Canadian second-hand store) and bought 4 (or 5?) work shirts and 3 GORGEOUS knit sweaters for work, and also a belt, for $65!!! *This* is why I love buying second-hand! Everything I bought was in perfect shape and quality, just as I would have found them in the store at probably 5x the price! Honestly, the sweaters I got are so beautiful, I bet each one of them would cost $50 or more new.

I had planned to wait until I had all my donations ready to buy any new things, but I really needed some shirts and sweaters for work, so it just couldn't wait.

Overall, though, I'm happy with the progress I've made so far with this challenge! If little else, I have certainly been thinking in a more minimalistic way in terms of my consumption, both with food and other purchases, and I'm feeling really good about it! :D Seriously, it's amazing how much you realize you *don't need* when you're conscious of it at all times!

So there's my update. I almost took some pictures of the clothes I bought, but I don't think I'm quite at the fashion show blogging stage yet, and honestly, they were just work clothes. Boring! ;p

Peace! <3

[more] simply [than i was last week] yours,