Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jess(ica): Past, present and future.

What this blog really should be called is “Diary of an Aspiring Woman, Wife, Mother, Vegan, backyard gardener extraordinaire, expert quilter/knitter/sewer, charming hostess, gourmet chef, professional multi-tasker, neat-freak & overall organized and together person” but I thought the term “Domestic Goddess” would sum it all up in a more stylish way and without losing readers half-way through.

About me:

I’m 20 years old (21 in 6 days)

I have lived in rural Ontario, Canada with my father since February, with our 4-month-old German Shepherd, Layla, who has become my joy and practice baby :P

I have a wonderful boyfriend/Fiance (there’s no ring , yet) named Dan, who is a marvelously competent and bearded man about to graduate college as a computer engineer (I’m so proud of him and so anxious to start our lives together!)

I have recently (at least a few months) decided to become completely vegetarian and am yearning to make the transition to full-blown veganism as soon as possible. I’ve found that I just can’t justify eating or using products made from animals, especially when some of the animals we exploit most frequently (cows, pigs) are arguably MORE intelligent than my precious puppy whom I love so much. That just doesn’t make sense to me. Besides, I’ve always struggled with the logic behind eating animal flesh, birds’ eggs and other creatures’ milk… anyhow, I’m sure I’ll approach this subject at a later date :P

As of recent, a lot of changes and a lot of “firsts” have taken place in my life. First time living anywhere near the country let alone smack-dab IN it. First puppy. The switch from aspiring vegetarian to budding veganista, and finally the transition between future-office-working-business-woman to wannabe traditional cake-baking, floor-scrubbing housewife. All in all it’s been an eventful few months, so I figured what better way to document my metamorphoses from frivolous, absent-minded 20-yr-old to, well, frivolous, absent minded 21-yr-old with a slightly better idea of what she wants out of life.

Well, I think this is more than enough information for a first blog, not that I’d know I guess, I’ve never actually blogged before, but I have recently become an avid reader of various “Stay-at-home-mom”, vegan, and Simple Living blogs, so, I mean, I’m basically an expert :P

Until next time!

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  1. Hmmm, not much reference to the past in this, lol.

    Clearly I came up with the title before writing the blog itself. Rookie mistake.