Friday, July 30, 2010


So Dan and I were in the Lakeshore area visiting an old friend, and decided we HAD to check out Raw Aura Organic Cuisine at 94 Lakeshore Rd E.

Here is what we had :)

my juice :) parsley, carrot, ginger, apple... hmmm i can't remember what else. it was so good!
i also got a shot of E3 Live in it :)

Dan's Strawberry Cacao Smoothie :)

Caesar Salad with Kale Chips on top (they ran out of eggplant bacon)!

"Pasta Bolognese" - Zucchini pasta tossed in some kind of deeeliicious (!) spicy sauce, and seemingly every vegetable from carrots to kale to sundried tomatoes. SO GOOD! <3

"Mac & Cheese" - Carrots mandolined into what was supposed to be elbow pasta shape (I applaud the effort, lol) and served covered in cashew cheese, nooch (nutritional yeast) and other veggies. Dan liked it but said there was way too much cashew cheese. Despite enjoying the overall flavour, he wasn't able to finish it.

Pecan Pie & Chocolate Avocado Pie
Holy Crap.

<3 *drool* <3

more desserts <3

US :)

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