Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eating Raw in: Guelph, Ontario!

Wild Organic Way Cafe & Juice Bar
22 Carden St
Guelph, ON
(519) 766-1701

We started off with some water (with cucumber!)

From the left: Chocolate Monkey Smoothie (Banana and raw cacao with a dash of agave blended with almond milk) & Sweet Beet Juice (Apple, celery & beet). Both were delicious!

This is what Dan got: Tasty Tacos (Corn tortillas stuffed with a sunflower& sun dried tomato “refried bean mix”. Mixed with just the right seasoning and topped with guacamole and salsa).

He seemed to like it =P Sorry for the shoddy photography, these were taken on Dan's blackberry bold, lol.

I ordered: Falafel Wrap (2 delicious falafels wrapped in a collard leaf, topped with our WOW tahini sauce, red onions and fresh diced tomato). This was very good! The falafel is made from ground almonds, and it really tasted like the real thing! My one complaint would be that there was a bit too much of the actual falafel and not enough onions and tomatoes, it was extremely filling - I wasn't even able to finish it all! The salad dressing was particularily delicious; I think they just use their tahini, and mm-MM! so tasty.

 yummy :)

For dessert, we ordered: Hemp Balls (Looking for a lighter dessert?  This will hit the spot! Small but MIGHTY DELICIOUS. Cashews, coconut, date, vanilla & hemp hearts), 1 each

and Raw Chocolate Macaroons (For you chocolate lovers simple and decadent raw chocolate coconut and agave), 2 each

but we ate them all before I could get pictures! =P They were that good. The hemp balls. Oh man. And the macaroons were just sooo sinfully chocolately (except not sinful at all because they were raw! =D)

All-in-all I highly recommend WOW cafe if you're ever in Guelph! There are lots of other great restaurants and stores on the same block to browse through as well, such as Footprints EcoStore, where I got some all-natural, organic bath bombs and a great oatmeal soap bar!

Happy Shopping!

(All descriptions of WOW dishes taken from


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  1. Wow, I'm totally hitting up the WOW Café next time I go to Guelph! It looks like you guys enjoyed quite a few tasty raw eats - yum!